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I’m Laura, a photographer specialising in wedding and newborn photography.

I’m passionate about creating images of these special times in your life that go by in blur.

I’m inspired by your stories and personalities to create relaxed and creative images you will treasure forever. Capturing moments, relationships, laughter, tears, joy on your wedding day is whatdrives me to create beautiful images. It gives me such joy to give you images of these fleeting expressions of love and happiness so that you can always cherish them. I’m based in Meath but shoot weddings all over Ireland. Get in touch below for information and to check availability for your date.

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I just adore capturing that newborn squishiness and love that the first couple of weeks brings with a new life. It’s such a special time that goes by in a blur of feeds, naps and a million changes of clothes so it’s an incredibly special thing to press pause and record the adorable innocence of a newborn baby. Shoots take place at my studio in Meath and ideally between days seven and ten.

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